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Charlotte Eastwood - Luke Litherland - Daniel Giles - Tom Baird - Paddy Attenbrough - Joe Parr
United Kingdom - 2016 - Rock

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Crosslight are always thinking outside the box. This 6-piece, 3 guitar rock band have used deodorant cans, broken sticks and even the floor with their instruments to create unique sounds. This mentality follows in their live shows as they are always looking for things to climb or use their instruments on
In This Moment, Evanescence
The Used, My Chemical Romance,
Muse, Tonight Alive
Plus Many More...




- I'm not from London
-Two Side Moon Promotions

With an extremely talented female lead on vocals. Charlotte Eastwood stole the limelight


The musicianship is thrilling throughout the album




General Enquiries: Hello@CrosslightBand.co.uk
Bookings: Gigs@CrosslightBand.co.uk
Charlotte: 07491949002
Dan: 07580378312
Joe: 07979403118